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Active Ingredient: Somatropin
Amount: 4 Vials
<strong>Concentration: 100 IU kit
Dosage: </strong>2 IU-4 IU/day
Ship From: USA

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Somatropin - American Brand
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What is Somatropin – American Brand?

In the USA, a form of human growth hormone was formed. This synthetic growth hormone is named somatropin. Various names are given to this product. Like other steroids for sale, it is easily available in the market. For people who are suffering from growth hormone deficiency, somatropin works like wonders. It helps in production of cells which plays a vital role in growth and regeneration in the body. Somatropin is easily available at our steroids shop

How does it work?

In the liver of the human body, IGF-1 is released once somatropin is injected. As a result, regeneration of cells occurs. It results in growth of the organs into the body. Initially, it helps in growth of bones which helps in increasing heights in children. Moreover, metabolism of fats, carbs and proteins also extend with the influence of somatropin. 


Somatropin is used for:

  • Growth Hormone Deficiency: In children and grownups Somatropin can help in treating growth hormone deficiency. Hypothalamus can cause growth deficiency. Moreover, issues regarding the pituitary gland are also a cause of growth deficiency. 
  • Turner Syndrome: Turner syndrome in girls can be treated by somatropin. Turner syndrome is a genetic disorder which affects growth and height in girls. 
  • Chronic Kidney Disease: Children suffering from illness in kidneys can get benefits with the help of somatropin. After treatment, the growth in children will increase.  
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome: To increase height, reduction in body fat , and toning of muscles, somatropin is used. 
  • Short Stature: It is used among children who are suffering with comparatively short heights according to their age. The treatment of somatropin is given to children who have idiopathic short stature.  


Various factors like age, weight and medical history determine the required dose of somatropin. The dose is given through injections. The required dose is best given by the healthcare physicians. 

 It is crucial to follow the prescribed dosage carefully like other gear steroids, as overdosing can lead to adverse effects.


Given below is the list of the benefits are:

  • Enhanced Growth: The primary benefit is promoting growth and increasing height in children with growth hormone deficiency.
  • Improved Muscle Mass: It can aid in muscle development, making it valuable for individuals with muscle-wasting conditions.
  • Increased Bone Density: It contributes to higher bone mineral density, reducing the risk of fractures and osteoporosis.
  • Metabolism Boost: Somatropin enhances metabolism, leading to increased energy levels and reduced fat storage.
  • Enhanced Recovery: Athletes and bodybuilders use it to speed up recovery after intense workouts.

Side Effects

The side effects are:

  • Injection Site Reactions
  • Redness, itching
  • Pain at the injection site.
  • Fluid Retention
  • Joint and Muscle Pain
  • Headaches
  • Risk of Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure:
  • Risk of Tumor Growth

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