Cypo®- Testosterone 200mg/ml

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Cypo®- Testosterone 200mg/ml
This item: Cypo®- Testosterone 200mg/ml


Testosterone Cypionate

Cypo Testosterone 200mg/ml is incredibly well-known and used by both men and women in sports. Using testosterone can improve one’s physical and performance abilities, regardless of the ester.

How it works

Cypo-Testosterone is a form of testosterone that’s used to treat low testosterone in adult males. As some of you know, many typical male functions, such as the growth and development of the genitalia, muscles, and bones, depend on testosterone. In order to help the organism develop and work properly, it influences a variety of bodily processes.

Cypo-Testosterone is used to maintain such secondary sex characteristics by controlling the correct growth and development of the male sex organs.  

Product Use and Dosage

Cypo-Testorone has a half life of 7-8 days. For males, the appropriate dose is 250-1000mg. Meanwhile, in women, the suggested dosage is 25-100mg. Both are delivered by intramuscular injection. The average cycle length is 4-12 weeks, following an ED, EOD, ETD or EFD injection pattern.

Dosage is usually based on any medical conditions you have, your testosterone blood levels, and response to treatment. This product should not be injected into the vein. 


Many buy testosterone cypionate 250mg because of the many benefits it brings. It can create changes in the adult body musculature and overall fat distribution. It can foster the growth and maturity of the prostate, seminal vesicles, penis, and scrotum in adolescent males, as well as the development of male hair distribution, like beard, pubic, chest, and axillary hair.

Side Effects

When females buy testosterone online, they become susceptible to the negative effects of Cypo-Testosterone. Since a woman who needs testosterone should choose a shorter ester testosterone, Testosterone Cypionate is typically not advised for female use. That’s because if the virilizing side effects occur, Cypo-Testosterone will stay in your body for a long time.

The most common side effects are those brought on by excessive DHT (androgenic side effects), excessive estrogen (gynecomastia, sleeplessness, water retention, etc.), natural testosterone suppression, cholesterol and cardiovascular problems, and a few others. In terms of side effects, cypo-testosterone is safe as long as you don’t take excessive quantities.

Where to buy Testosterone Cypionate?

Those who wish to purchase Cypo Testosterone 200mg/ml can do so wherever you can buy steroids USA, along with other Steroids for Sale.

When bodybuilders and users buy steroids online, the steroids shop they buy from usually has all the products they desire. Finest Gears is one of those stores and they have Cypo Testosterone 200mg/ml in stock.

11 reviews for Cypo®- Testosterone 200mg/ml

  1. Caleb Meyer

    Very good stuff legit

  2. gtommerdahl (verified owner)

    Tested strong. Fluoresces brightly. Legitimate manufacturer packaging. Authenticity code checks out. Works great.

  3. jtaylor7774 (verified owner)

    My favorite is test cypo test e always makes me sore at injection site for like 3-4 days this stuff I’m good to go no issue

  4. bobbystanger85 (verified owner)

    Been taking injections at the DR office for about 2 years. Decided to do it on my own. This is the same, if not better than I was getting before. I take my shot every 6 days. My T score was 135 and now it rides at a steady 650-700. Wife loves it 🙂

  5. ericbernacchi (verified owner)

    100% legit

  6. Michael Kaiser (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Even can replace you current TRT regimen. tested and worth it.

  7. Anonymous


  8. Owen Kenzie


  9. stonewall714 (verified owner)

    Shit works great. 5 day delivery and will definitely order more soon.

  10. thomas devere


  11. JB III (verified owner)

    Works fantastic, Definitely legit. I’ve had for right at 4 weeks now, first cycle only running at 200mg a week so around trt levels, and I’m up about 8lbs, but less fat. The spots with most androgen receptors like delts are obviously the biggest sign. I think I’ll pyramid the cycle and finish strong.

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