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CLASSIFICATION: Anabolic Steroid
DOSAGE: Men 300-1500 mg/week
HBR: Perhaps
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SUBSTANCE: Testosterone Cypionate,

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Test-C 250mg/ml - Nakon Medical
This item: Test-C 250mg/ml - Nakon Medical


Introduction: Test-C (testosterone cypionate)

Test-C 250mg/ml or testosterone cypionate sold by Steroids shop is a medication which is synthetically produced. This medication is similar in structure to the male hormone called testosterone which is produced naturally by the human body. 

There are different benefits to buy steroids online such as this drug is used in different treatments like hormone replacement therapy and many other conditions. 

How does testosterone cypionate work?

Test-C 250mg/ml plays a role in boosting the natural levels of testosterone hormone in the body. Testosterone for sale is Mostly used in cases when the natural levels of the testosterone is lower than normal. The testosterone cypionate is injected into the muscle, as it reaches the bloodstream, the ester bonds are broken down by the enzymes which are present in the blood.

Dosage of testosterone cypionate:

The amount which people buy testosterone cypionate 250mg online mostly depends upon the intensity of low levels of testosterone in the body. 

The initial dosage prescribed is between 50 to 100mg. This dose is injected in 1 to 2 weeks. It is injected through an intramuscular route. Similarly, the maintenance dose is given between 1 to 2 weeks with the amount 100 to 200mg. 

Benefits of testosterone cypionate: 

There are many reasons to buy testosterone online:

  • The testosterone cypionate is used to treat Hypogonadism. It is a condition in which natural levels of testosterone hormone in the body are lower than normal. It boosts the production of testosterone hormone in the body. 
  • The testosterone cypionate is considered a beneficial drug that can help to grow and preserve muscle mass. Due to its anabolic properties it promotes the growth of muscle mass. It helps prevent muscle degeneration.
  • It helps to prevent osteoporosis since it promotes mineralization in bones. The bones get stronger and denser.

Side effects of Test-C:

  • Some side effects include retention of fluid or in other words called edema.
  • Testosterone-C can increase the production of red blood cells. This increase in RBCs can put you at risk of serious blood clots.

Where to buy testosterone cypionate online?

Steroids for sale like test-C are available on finest gear website. This website is quite reliable and sells good products. These are manufactured in steroid warehouses.


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