Halotestine 5 (50 Tablets) – American Brand


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Active Ingredient: Fluoxymesterone 5mg/tab
Active Life: 9 Hours
Drug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid
Common Doses: 20-40 mg/week
Blood pressure: Perhaps
Acne: Yes
Water retention: No
Aromatisation: No
Liver toxicity: High
Decrease HPTA function: None

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Halotestine 5 (50 Tablets) - American Brand
This item: Halotestine 5 (50 Tablets) - American Brand


Halotestine 5 (50 Tablets) – American Brand

Halotestin, also known as fluoxymesterone, 5 mg online, is a male hormone that is used as replacement therapy in males with disorders associated with endogenous testosterone deficiency or absence, or delayed puberty.Some women may also use halotestin to treat androgen-responsive recurrent breast cancer. Although generic forms of Halotestin might be accessible, the brand name has been withdrawn.

How does it work?

The halotestine increases protein production by attaching to androgen receptors in muscle cells. In other words, it encourages the synthesis of new proteins in muscle cells, which is essential for both muscle growth and repair.

Furthermore, Buy halotestine 5mg can aid in the body’s increased nitrogen retention.An equilibrium of nitrogen is necessary for muscle growth and repair since it is a basic component of proteins.

Erythropoiesis, the process by which red blood cells are produced, can be induced by anabolic steroids, such as Palestine. The blood’s ability to carry oxygen may rise, which may enhance stamina and sporting performance.


Everyone considering utilizing halotestine 5mg for sale for non-medical purposes (such bodybuilding or sports performance) needs to be aware of the potential risks and legal repercussions.In addition to hormonal imbalances, liver damage, cardiovascular problems, and psychological side effects, using anabolic steroids without a valid medical reason can cause a number of other health concerns.


The amount of halotestin 5mg online depends on the patient, the condition being treated, and how serious it is.A single oral dose or three or four split doses may be used to achieve the daily maximum.


When used medically, halotestine may provide the following advantages:

  • Handling Hypogonadism Treatment: 

Gear steroids can be used to treat hypogonadism, a condition in which the body generates insufficient quantities of testosterone.It can assist in raising testosterone levels, which can aid with symptoms including weariness, mood swings, and poor libido.

  • Postponed Puberty:

Steroids for sale may occasionally be given to teenagers experiencing delayed puberty.It may aid in promoting the emergence of secondary sexual traits.

  • Syndromes of Wasting:

Buy steroid online has been used to treat conditions that induce muscle atrophy, such as those present in a number of chronic illnesses.

  • Bone Thickness:

 It might be applied in some situations to treat problems with bone density, such osteoporosis.

Side Effects:

The following are typical side effects of fluoxymesterone, or halotestin:

  • Sick stomach
  • Spitting
  • Migraine
  • Skin tone shifts
  • Heightened or diminished desire for sex
  • Greasy skin
  • Facial hair and acne

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