Von Arimidex®


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Active: ANASTROZOLE Tablets
Dosage: 1mg/tab
Tablet Count: 50 tablets
Formula: C17H19N5
Elimination half-life: 46.8 hours
Trade name: Arimidex, others
Metabolism: Liver (85%)
Water Retention: NO
Hepatoxity: LOW
Aromatization: YES

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Von Arimidex®
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Introduction of Von Arimidex:

This drug is basically used to treat any hormonal issues. It is manufactured for clinical uses and it can be used to treat increasing cases of breast cancer in females. It can also be used to treat conditions when ovaries stop working. Steroids for sale are used for many different purposes.

It can work by decreasing the level of estrogen hormone in the body and it is dangerous for health because it can lead to toxicity. People Buy steroids online fascinated by the results. 

How does Von Arimidex works?

It does its work by blocking or stopping the enzyme which helps to turn androgen into estrogen and level of androgen in the body increases and that of estrogen decreases.

It can start producing its effects within one day. It is not used for any growth of muscles or not used for strengthening of muscles. One can Buy steroids online to get these benefits.


Its basic dosage is about one tablet once a day. There is no specific time period for usage of this drug and one should continue to use it until even a single cancerous cell will be eliminated from the body. Arimidex for sale is the best product.

Its dosage depends on the stage of cancer and it will be more effective for initial stages. Arimidex 1mg for sale is available on the website of finest gear.


Anastrozole 1mg pills for sale have clinical benefits and it is used to treat breast cancer in females. It also decreases the level of estrogen in the body which prevent breast development in females.

It is also used to treat gynecomastia in males.. Steroids shops produce the best product. 

Side Effects:

The most common side effects of this drug produced in Steroids warehouse is that it can lead to pain in the head region. It can also cause hot flashes ,dizziness etc.

It can also cause GIT disturbance such as vomiting, constipation. This drug may also lead to loss of appetite and gain in weight.

Where to buy Von Arimidex online?

One can buy Steroids for sale like this product from the finest gear company which is the best company offering high quality products and gear steroids are also available.


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