Ultima-Oxa 50-USA


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CLASSIFICATION: Anabolic Steroid
DOSAGE: 50 mg/day
ACNE: Rarely
MANUFACTURER: Ultima Pharmaceuticals – US
WAREHOUSE: USA Warehouse 9
SUBSTANCE: Oxandrolone

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Ultima-Oxa 50-USA
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One of the most mild Steroids For Sale available is oxandrolone. Both its anabolic and androgenic effects are moderate, which is why it is one of the most well-liked steroids among female bodybuilders. Even at higher dosages, it has no impact on the liver despite being a C-17 oral. It is a fantastic option for bodybuilders who are in the cutting phase of their training because studies have demonstrated that it truly reduces body fat. Also it provides a “bridge” between cycles while allowing the body to recuperate because it has a minor effect on the body capacity when it comes to shutting down the body’s ability to make testosterone.

Working Mechanism

Oxandrolone works in a manner resembling other androgen hormones such as testosterone. In the muscle cells’ cytoplasm, it interacts with androgen receptors. Following this, the androgen-receptor-oxandrolone complex moves into the nucleus where it attaches to genes that have androgen-receptor binding sites. Thus promotes transcription of a number of genes whose protein products are essential for muscle development, metabolism, repair, and maintenance.

Use and Dosage

Male bodybuilders often Buy Ultima-Oxa Online from our Steroids Shop to use it for 6–12 weeks at doses of 50–100 mg each day. Ultima-Oxa has a half life of only 8 hours. Therefore, to maintain blood levels as consistently as possible throughout the day, one may decide to divide their dosages. 

A dosage of 2.5–10 mg is often found to be helpful for developing strength and muscular increases without a significant danger of adverse effects by female bodybuilders. While a maximum dosage of 50mg would be sufficient for women.

Low doses of testosterone are an option for those wishing to stack Ultima-Oxa with anything.

Combination Cycle

It is advised to purchase Tamoxifen (or Nolvadex) in the final week of the course and use it at a dosage of 10 mg daily to restore the synthesis of testosterone within two to three weeks.

The efficiency of weight gain programs can be increased by combining the medication with additional steroids you can get Sustanon, Testosterone, or Primobolan. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor to determine whether your body is predisposed to stress on the liver.


  • Oxandrolone users report a significant gain in strength.
  • Increased protein synthesis in muscle fibers
  • The development of clearly defined, strong musculature
  • Noticeable reduction in subcutaneous fat
  • Anti-catabolic impact.

Side Effects

Anabolic steroid misuse or abuse can result in serious adverse effects including:

  • Acne
  • Sleep problems
  • Heart disease 
  • Stroke, 
  • Liver disease, 
  • Mental/mood issues,
  • Abnormal drug-seeking behavior. 

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