Testaplex C 250 – Axiolabs (INT)


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Drug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid; Androgen Ester
– Active Substance: Testosterone Cypionate
– Concentration: 250 mg/mL
Presentation: 10 mL Vial
Manufacturer: Axiolabs

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Testaplex C 250 - Axiolabs (INT)
This item: Testaplex C 250 - Axiolabs (INT)

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Testaplex C 250 – Axiolabs (INT)

Gear steroids, particularly testosterone, are present in the supplement “Testaplex C 250”.  It contains testosterone in some form, most likely in a quantity of 250 mg/ml. In addition to being abused for bodybuilding and performance improvement, synthetic forms of testosterone are occasionally utilised for medicinal purposes. The hormone responsible for male sex, testosterone, is found naturally.

Because of its anabolic properties and capacity to enhance muscle growth, strength, and endurance, testosterone cypionate is well-liked by bodybuilders and sportsmen. Therapeutic usage includes treating conditions like inadequate red blood cell production, delayed puberty, and low testosterone.

How does it work?

The growth and maintenance of muscular mass are significantly influence by testosterone. Muscle growth and repair are facilitate by increasing muscle protein production.

To keep bone density intact, testosterone is necessary. It aids in the prevention of diseases like osteoporosis and encourages the growth of new bone tissue.

Maintaining a man’s libido, or sex drive, and sexual function are critical functions of  buy Testaplex C 250. Red blood cell formation is induced by testosterone. The body needs a sufficient number of red blood cells to carry oxygen and nutrients throughout it.


The dosage of Testaplex C 250 will be customised to meet your specific needs and is prescribed as a part of a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) regimen. While recommended dosages for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) might differ, they often fall between 50 and 200 mg of testosterone given every week to every two weeks, depending on the product and the customer.


A few possible advantages of testosterone are:

  • Increased Mass of Muscle: 

Since testosterone is an anabolic hormone, therapy aimed at restoring low testosterone levels can aid in the development and maintenance of muscle growth.

  • A greater density of bone: 

TRT helps improve bone density and guard against diseases like osteoporosis.

  • Increased Libido:

 With TRT, many people with low testosterone levels report improved sexual function and an increase in sex drive.

  • Enhanced Mood:

With TRT, some people report feeling happier and experiencing less depression and irritation.

Side Effects:

The following are a few potential TRT adverse effects:

  1. Acne:

An increase in acne may be experience by certain people.

  1. Retention of Fluids:

TRT may result in  edoema and fluid retention.

  1. Gynecomastia: 

In certain instances, hormonal abnormalities can lead to the formation of breast tissue in males.

  1. Hair Loss:

In people who are genetically prone to male pattern baldness, TRT may be a contributing factor.

  1. Sleep apnea:

A few people may have a worsening of their sleep apnea due to TRT.

  1. Prostate Issues: 

It’s possible that TRT will make pre-existing prostate conditions worse or raise the chance of developing new ones.

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