Testabol Depot 200


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Peoduct Name: Testabol Depot
Other common names and terms: Cypiobolic, Cyte X, Cypionat, Cyp, Cypio-Test, Cyponit, Virilon, Cypionax, Testex, Testodex, Testocyp, Tcypion, Test Cyp, Testaplex, Cypoject, Testosterona, Testabol,Testoxyl, Pharma Test C, Depo-Testosterone
Active Life: 15-16 Days
Drug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid; Androgen Ester
Composition: Testosterone Cypionate
Blood pressure: Perhaps
Acne: Yes
Water retention: Yes
Aromatisation: Yes
Liver toxicity: No
Decrease HPTA function: Severe

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Testabol Depot 200
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Produc Overview

Testabol Depot 200 (Testosterone Cypionate) is a popular testosterone steroid that acts faster than other steroids for sale in the market. Testosterone Cypionate 200mg was made for slow release into the bloodstream compared to other testosterones. This impact lasts longer than other steroids for sale as they don’t last as long as Testosterone Cypionate.

How it Works

It’s worth noting that this has 100% of testosterone’s anabolic and androgenic activity, 15-16 day duration, good DHT conversion, and little hepatotoxicity. It suppresses the HPTA cycle and aromatizes for water retention.

Know that when you buy Testosterone Cypionate 200mg online, it can cause significant muscle gain. Expect an increase in blood oxygen mass, or erythrocytes, a positive nitrogen ratio and excellent phosphorus metabolism, an increase in sexual desire on the cycle, and high-quality spermatogenesis.

Proper Use and Dosage

The solo cycle involves weekly injections where 200-500 mg is suggested. Pros can use this steroid in significant quantities after consulting with a doctor and establishing a specific course. 8-10 weeks are spent solo. Clomiphene or Tamoxifen are recommended after testosterone. Gonadotropin is used 3 to 4 weeks before recovery therapy to improve testicular function.


Testosterone Cypionate burns fat, thus bodybuilders who buy testosterone online love it. Its fat-burning power is fantastic, and you won’t need to make many diet or activity changes to see results. It reduces muscle-wasting catabolic hormones. It boosts red blood cell count, giving muscles more power.

Side Effects

Increased muscle mass with the use of Testosterone Cypionate can cause gynecomastia, tissue swelling, and nipple lumps. Androgenic effects include acne, increased fat deposits, undesired hair or hair loss, and blood pressure rises. Side effects can be prevented with proper use and a well-designed cycle.

Where to buy

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