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 CLASSIFICATION:  Anabolic Steroid
 DOSAGE:  20-50 mg/day
 ACNE:  Yes
 HBR:  Perhaps

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Introduction of Stanos 10mg:

It is a drug that is basically human produced steroid which has the same structure and activity like testosterone. It is used in treatment of oedema which is due to increased concentration of water which leads to swelling of face, arms, abdomen, legs and feet. Steroids for sale are available online.

It decreases the amount of bradykinin which is released from mast cells in response to allergic reactions but due to decreased concentration of bradykinin, the immune system of the body becomes weak. Buy steroids online for better results.

How does Stanos 10mg works:

Stanozolol tablets start its activity when it attaches with the receptors of androgen instead of testosterone.

This mechanism then helps to decrease body fat cells and fatty acids and increases reaction of muscle growth by forming more proteins. Steroids for sale are available on the website of finest gear.


The normal dosage range for stanos is 2mg/day- 15mg/day. This drug should be administered with prescription of doctors. Stanozolol steroids may produce many toxic side effects so it should be used carefully.

It can be taken with an empty stomach or food. It depends on the individual but it should be taken with one full glass of water. Steroids for sale are available online.


Its usage is more common among the athletes and bodybuilders because they use it for strengthening of muscles and for forming new muscle fibers. It becomes active when given by oral route. Buy steroids online to avail these benefits.

It helps to build up  stamina for exercise and for formation of lean body muscles. Steroids shops are also present so that one can buy from there.

Side Effects:

This drug is dangerous because it has toxic properties which may lead to liver damage. It also affects skin in many ways like causing redness and itching on skin, leading to acne.

It also causes alopecia and GIT disturbance and in females genetic instability and decrease in size of breast may occur.

It may cause insomnia and severe pain in  head and most importantly it causes swelling of different body parts. Steroids warehouse is trying to produce less toxic drugs.

Where to buy stanos 10mg online?

One should buy it from a high ranking company which is the finest gear. It sells high quality products and gear steroids are also available on their website.


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