Primobolic – 100mg/ml – 5 Amps of 1ml


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  • Product and Laboratory: Primobolic by Cooper Pharma
  • Effects: Inceases lean muscle mass, increased strength, reduces body fat
  • Ingredients: Methenolone (Ester: Enanthate)
  • Form: Injection
  • Concentration: 100 mg/ml
  • Presentation: 5 amps of 1ml
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Primobolic – 100mg/ml – 5 Amps of 1ml
This item: Primobolic – 100mg/ml – 5 Amps of 1ml

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Primobolic – 100mg/ml – 5 Amps of 1ml

Methenolone is the anabolic-androgenic steroid known by the names Primobolic, or simply Primo. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which increases the benefits of other steroids while minimizing their undesirable side effects when stacked with them. For people who have a strong muscle base and want to tone and define their body, this is the best option because it promotes muscle growth, burns fat, and boosts immunity.

How does it work?

Buy Primobolan 100mg online and other anabolic steroids to increase muscular nitrogen retention. The building blocks of proteins, amino acids, require nitrogen as one of their constituent elements. An environment that is more conducive to muscle growth is one that has a positive nitrogen balance. Red blood cell synthesis can be stimulated by certain anabolic steroids, such as Primobolan. This may increase endurance and oxygen-carrying capacity, which may improve sports performance.


Anabolic steroids are frequently used in cycles by athletes or bodybuilders, when the drug is taken for a set amount of time (called a cycle) and then stopped for a predetermined amount of time. This is thought to lessen adverse effects and enable the body to reestablish its normal hormonal balance. Some users may combine Primobolan 100mg for sale with additional anabolic steroids in a practice known as “stacking.”Although the goal is to improve the overall impact, there is a chance that this will have unintended consequences.


The usual weekly dosage for men receiving Primobolan injections is typically between 300 and 800 mg. To keep the body’s level of the steroid constant, the weekly dosage might be divided into two doses. Additionally, this will lessen any pain or discomfort following high-dosage injections. Again, female users don’t need to take such high amounts to have noticeable effects. Hormone level changes are likewise less of a concern for them. Therefore, one injection each week may be sufficient. A weekly dosage of between 50 and 100 mg has shown to be beneficial for many women in finding the ideal balance between enhancing performance and preserving femininity.


These are a few of the alleged advantages:

  • One of the anabolic steroids that is commonly used to help preserve lean muscle mass is methenolone enanthate for sale. This is especially true during periods of intense exercise or calorie restriction.
  • In muscle cells, Primobolan has the ability to boost protein synthesis. 
  • The development of muscle can be supported by a favorable nitrogen balance, which hormones like gear steroids can help attain. 

Side Effects:

The following are a few possible adverse effects of using Primobolan:

  • Adverse Androgenic Effects:

Primobolan steroids for sale are said to have less androgenic potency than certain other steroids, although they may still have androgenic side effects. 

  • Sexualization of Women:

Women who buy steroids online may have virilization effects like as a deepening of the voice, development of facial and body hair, and irregular menstruation.

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