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CLASSIFICATION: Telomerase Activator
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Oxytocin 2mg/5mg - Int
This item: Oxytocin 2mg/5mg - Int
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Product Description

Oxytocin 2mg/5mg is the finest gear and has always been working to provide its customers with quality products. Buy Oxytocin online drug designed to provide dual function, the drug works as a growth hormone and also as a brain neurotransmitter. It is an intravenous drug and has a half-life of 1 to 6 minutes. Can be taken by both genders. Oxytocin 2mg/5mg drug is capable of inducing contraction during labor and for men, it aims at exciting libido.

How it affects the body?

The brain pituitary gland is known to release emotional, or behavioral-related responses. Oxytocin is also released by the pituitary gland as a reaction to respond to reactions such as fear and pain by suppressing it to either produce a positive response or to tackle the situation. Buy Oxytocin 2mg/5mg online which is more effective for women.

Usage and dosage

For induction of labor contraction, it is 3/6 ml per hour.

Site of injecting include: It is intramuscularly administer or with standard saline solution through IV. Can also be inject into the fat surrounding the abdomen.

Level of dosage: Only as prescribed by the doctor. Normally suggest to be taken once daily with a quantity of 20mcg -50mcg.

Usage: 2ml of saline solution is mix with the drug powder. Make sure not to shake the vial for mixing of powder with the saline.


The word oxytocin is regard to be use in women-related things. But it provides both genders with positive outcomes after use. It has a tendency to stimulate contractions of the reproductive tract resulting in aiding sperm passage. This drug is known little to be use for prostate-relate issues; it could include cancer and has also show an effect on gland growth in males. It helps for initiating the secretion of milk. Oxytocin 2mg/5mg reduces chances of postpartum hemorrhage during labor. Bodybuilders and athletes also have oxytocin intake for fat reduction.Oxytocin 2mg/5mg online from our steroid shop helps to elevate mood. The naturally occurring oxytocin in the body is responsible for sexual reproduction, social bonding, and behavior functionality.


Steroids for sale can cause hyper excitement, and can stimulate hypercontraction in the uterus, vomiting, and nausea are its common side effects. Can cause a decline in fetal HR if you use excessive Oxytocin 2mg/5mg. Effects of vision, severe headaches, and confusion can be a result of these drug intake.  

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