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Substance: Oxandrolone
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Oxandrolone 50mg - Genetic Pharmaceuticals
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Product description 

A synthetic anabolic gear steroid known for its strong ability to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass is oxandrolone 50 mg. Often referred to as Anavar, it is preferred by bodybuilders and athletes to increase lean muscle growth and improve performance. Produced in 50 mg tablets, every dosage is carefully designed to guarantee uniformity and effectiveness. Oxandrolone 50 mg is a dependable option for anyone looking to maximize their physical performance and reach their fitness objectives because of its stringent adherence to quality standards.

How Dose It Works?

By activating the body’s androgen receptors, buy oxandrolone online promotes protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in muscle tissue by starting a series of cellular reactions. Increased muscle mass and strength are the results of this anabolic effect, which is perfect for sportsmen looking to improve their performance. Furthermore, the distinct chemical structure of oxandrolone suppresses the actions of glucocorticoid hormones, which are well-known for encouraging the breakdown of muscle and the storage of fat.

Appropriate Use and Dosage: 

To achieve the best outcomes, people usually take 50 mg of Oxandrolone orally, 50–100 mg for men and 10–20 mg for women daily. It is essential to follow suggested dosage recommendations and cycle durations to reduce the likelihood of negative effects. Lower doses are best for beginners, who should then progressively increase as tolerated. It’s also a good idea to take liver support vitamins and keep an eye on hormone levels during the cycle.


Benefits of oxandrolone 50 mg are numerous. It is an anabolic steroid for sale that stimulates androgen receptors to improve muscle mass and strength by promoting protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in muscle tissue. This makes it a popular option for bodybuilders and athletes looking to increase their performance levels because it produces substantial increases in muscle size and power. Furthermore, oxandrolone for sale promotes fat loss while maintaining lean muscle mass by inhibiting glucocorticoid hormones.

Side Effects

Users should be informed of the possible negative effects of buy oxandrolone 50 mg. Although typically safe when use appropriately, there are certain hazards involve, particularly with abuse or long-term use. Heart problems, lipid abnormalities, and liver damage are typical side effects. Furthermore, androgenic side effects—particularly in women—may manifest as virilization, hair loss, and acne.

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