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Substance: Oxandrolone
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Pack: 100 tabs (10mg/tab)

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Oxandrolone 10mg - Genetic Pharmaceuticals
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Product description 

A synthetic anabolic gear steroid with minimal androgenic qualities is called oxandrolone 10mg. It is frequently use in medical settings to encourage weight gain and muscle building. It is produce in 10 mg tablets and is especially useful for individuals recovering from surgery, long-term infections, or severe injuries. Additionally, osteoporosis is treat using it. Since Buy Oxandrolone 10mg is a restricted substance, it should only be taken under a doctor’s supervision and in accordance with recommended dosages.

How dose it works?

Increased protein synthesis in muscle cells is how oxandrolone works, which promotes better muscle growth and repair. Additionally, it encourages nitrogen retention, which is essential for preserving the body’s anabolic environment. It may also increase the creation of red blood cells. Which would enhance the transport of oxygen to muscles during vigorous exercise. These processes aid in the growth of muscular mass, strength, and endurance.

Appropriate Use and Dosage: 

An average male dosage of oxyandrolone is 20–80 mg split into two or four dosages per day. Typically, women initiate use at a reduced dosage of 5–20 mg daily to reduce the possibility of virilization. To minimize the risk of liver damage, oxandrolone 10 mg for sale should ideally be used in short cycles of six to eight weeks. To preserve gains and reduce negative effects, it should be used in conjunction with appropriate oxandrolone tablets and post-cycle therapy. 


There are several advantages to using Buy Oxandrolone Online for people who want to get in better shape and perform better. It encourages the growth of lean muscular mass while reducing water retention, giving the skin a more defined and attractive appearance. It also improves strength and endurance, which makes it easier for users to push through demanding workouts. Due to its gentle nature, there is less chance of virilization, making it appropriate for both men and women. It’s also useful for cutting cycles because it can help maintain muscle mass during calorie-restricted times.

Side Effects

Liver toxicity, which is indicate by increase liver enzymes or jaundice, is a common side effect. The inhibition of natural testosterone production, which can result in libido fluctuations, mood swings, and possibly infertility, is another possible side effect. Women may experience virilization symptoms, especially at higher doses, such as clitoral enlargement, excessive body hair development, and deepening of the voice.

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