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Drug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid
– Active Substance: Methandienone
– Concentration: 10 mg/tab
Presentation: 100 tabs
Manufacturer: British Dragon Pharmaceuticals
Common Name(s): Dianabol, DBOL, GP Methan,
Anabol, D-BOL, Methanabol, Methanodex

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Methanabol - British Dragon Pharmaceuticals (INT)
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Dianabol, an oral steroid with Methandrostenolone as its active compound, is favored by bodybuilders and athletes for its muscle-building and strength-enhancing properties. Methanabol aids in enhancing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, facilitating rapid muscle growth and recovery after intense workouts. It’s crucial to use Methanabol under medical guidance and adhere to recommended dosages to minimize risks.

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Methanabol works as an oral anabolic steroid by binding to body androgen receptors. This binding process helps to stimulate protein synthesis, promoting muscle growth and enhancing strength. Additionally, it increases nitrogen retention within the muscles, facilitating rapid muscle development and recovery.


Dianabol, an oral steroid, commonly begins at 15 mg, with users occasionally increasing by 5 to 10 mg per cycle. Exceeding 50 mg is cautioned due to heightened side effects. Splitting the daily intake into two doses is typical, like taking 15 mg in the morning and another 15 mg in the evening, due to its six-hour half-life.

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  • Increased Muscle Mass: Methanabol is known to promote protein synthesis, leading to an increase in muscle mass, strength, and potentially improved athletic performance.
  • Enhanced Recovery: Some users believe that Methanabol can aid in faster recovery after intense workouts, potentially reducing muscle soreness and fatigue.
  • Boost in Strength: Users may experience a rapid increase in strength, which could potentially improve performance during weightlifting or other strength-based activities.
  • Temporary Water Retention: Methanabol may cause water retention, which could contribute to a temporary increase in muscle size, although this effect is not permanent and may lead to a bloated appearance.

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Side effects

  • Liver Damage: Methanabol can be toxic to the liver, potentially causing severe damage with prolonged use.
  • Hormonal disruptions may cause side effects like male breast enlargement (gynecomastia) and fertility problems. 
  • Steroid use raises heart risks such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, or strokes.
  • Users might encounter mood swings, aggression (“roid rage”), or mental health concerns.


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