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CLASSIFICATION: -Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone Analogue
SUBSTANCE:  Melanotan II Peptide Hormone

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Melanotan II - 10mg/vial - Deus Medical
This item: Melanotan II - 10mg/vial - Deus Medical
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What is Melanotan II – 10mg/vial – Deus Medical?

Melanotan II is a substance that is one of the steroids for sale, which is primarily developed for ED in men, preventing skin cancer and tanning of skin color. It is a synthetic analog of α-MSH. α-MSH is a melanocortin peptide. It is a naturally occurring hormone. It comes in a 10 mg lyophilized powder. 

How Melanotan II Works?

Melanotan II operates with the stimulation of producing melanin. Melanin is a pigment which is responsible for the color of the skin. With the binding of melanocortin receptors, this is achieved. Melanogenesis is triggered with the activation of receptors MC1R and MC4R. The process of melanin synthesis is called melanogenesis. With these processes, users experience deepening of skin tone. Such gear steroids are easily available to use at our online store. 


Melanotan II is used for:

  • Tanning: Melanotan II– 10mg for sale is primarily used for its tanning properties. It gives the effects of tanning without the harm of UV rays. It reduces the risks of damaging the skin which can be occured due to excessive exposure to sunlight.
  • Sexual Dysfunction:  People buy Melanotan II – 10mg online in the treatment of sexual dysfunctioning. 


Dosage recommendations vary, but it typically involves a loading phase followed by maintenance. Users often start with a lower dose, gradually increasing until the desired tan is achieved. Maintenance doses are then taken to sustain the tan. Before you buy steroids online, you must consult a healthcare professional. 


The following are the benefits of Melanotan II :

  • UV-Free Tan: Melanotan II for sale offers a tan without the need for extended sun exposure, reducing the risk of sunburn and skin damage.
  • Appetite Suppression: Some users report reduced appetite as a potential side effect, which may be desirable for those aiming to manage their weight.
  • Potential Aphrodisiac Effects: Melanotan II may have positive effects on sexual function.

Side Effects

The following are the potential side effects of Melanotan II:

  • Nausea: Users may experience nausea, especially during the initial loading phase.
  • Facial Flushing: Some individuals report temporary reddening of the face.
  • Increased Libido: While this is often considered a benefit, it may be undesirable for some users.
  • Darkened Moles: Melanotan II can cause existing moles to darken.

Where to buy Melanotan II – 10mg/vial – Deus Medical online?

At our steroids shop, a variety of steroids are available including MelanotanII. To buy steroids online along with medications and peptides, individuals can blindly trust our online shop, finest gears.


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