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CLASSIFICATION: Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor Agonist
DOSAGE: 100-300 mcg/day
SUBSTANCE: Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptide 2

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GHRP-2 -10mg/vial - Deus Medical
This item: GHRP-2 -10mg/vial - Deus Medical
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What is GHRP-2 -10mg/vial – Deus Medical?

GHRP-2 is among those gear steroids which release those hormones which promote growth. It helps the secretion of growth hormones within the human body.  It is available in 10 mg /vial. Due to its strong effects in the human body, it has gained popularity in the world as growth hormone gear steroids. 

How does it work?

The function of GHRP-2 occurs by binding ghrelin receptors. Ghrelin is a receptor which is found in the passage of gastrointestinal and brain. When both of them vind, they release hormones from the pituitary gland. These hormones promote growth. Moreover these hormones contribute to metabolism and regeneration of growth cells. 


When the user buys GHRP-2 from our steroids shop, and use it,  he will experience:

  • Stimulation of Growth Hormone: The primary use of GHRP-2 is to release growth hormones. It is also used to overcome the deficiencies of GH.  
  • Muscle Growth: Bodybuilders usually opt to buy steroids online. When they will buy and use GHRP-2, they will see visible differences in their lean muscle mass.   


Various factors such as age and weight decide the required dosage of steroids for sale. Similarly doses of  GHRP-2 are also given by physicians after the administration of these factors. Typically administered through subcutaneous or intramuscular injections, dosages may range from 100 mcg to 300 mcg per injection, with multiple injections per day.


When users will use GHRP-2, they will experience following benefits:

  • Increased Growth Hormone Levels: It’s efficiently stimulates the release of growth hormone, fostering benefits associated with heightened GH activity.
  • Muscle Growth: Facilitates the development of lean muscle mass, aiding individuals in achieving their fitness and bodybuilding goals.
  • Improved Recovery: Enhanced cell regeneration and repair may lead to quicker recovery after intense physical activity.
  • Fat Loss: They may contribute to fat loss by promoting a favorable metabolic environment.
  • Anti-Aging Effects: Some users suggest that GHRP-2 exhibits potential anti-aging effects, although research in this area is ongoing.

Side Effects

Users after buying and using GHRP-2 from our online steroids shop may also experience side effects after using GHRP-2. These are discussed below:

  • Hunger and Appetite Increase: GHRP-2’s stimulation of the ghrelin receptor may lead to an increase in hunger and appetite.
  • Water Retention: Some users report mild water retention as a side effect.
  • Injection Site Reactions: Possible side effects at the injection site, including redness or irritation.

Where to buy GHRP-2 -10mg/vial – Deus Medical online?

Finest gears is our online steroid shop who delivers best quality steroids at your doorsteps. Users can easily buy GHRP-2 from our shop at an affordable price. 


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