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CLASSIFICATION: Non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor
DOSAGE: 2.5 – 5 mg/day
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SUBSTANCE: Letrozole

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Femara 5mg - Nakon Medical - Int
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Introduction of Femara 5 mg:

Femara 5mg has been known for its various benefits. But mainly in Medical institutes it was used for the treatment of cancer of the breast in females at initial stages.

 Steroids For Sale was introduced into sports for its anti – estrogen action which is the elimination of the drastic effects of excessive use of estrogen steroids.

Mechanism of action of Femara 5mg – Nakon Medical – Int:

Femara is basically a non steroidal drug. Its main purpose is the inhibition of aromatase enzymes. Its composition contains an active substance which is letrozole. Buy Steroids Online which is key to its mechanism of action and has a great experience.

This causes the inhibition of estrogen formation decreasing the amount of estrogen in the body preventing its drastic effects. 

Benefits of Femara 5mg:

Looking at all the pros and cons. Buy Femara 5mg with prominent beneficial effects as mentioned in the following list:

  • Breast cancer treatment in females after the initial stopping of menses.
  • To prevent the return of cancer.
  • Decreasing estrogen levels to stop the growth of breast cancer.

Dosage of femara: Cycle,PCT

Femara online is one the most easily utilized and handy drug for athletes because its absorption in the gastrointestinal tract is very high and its availability becomes high enough to give desired benefits. It is usually given orally. Food intake doesn’t interrupt its action.

  • Dosage of 0.25-5 mg per day is regarded as the most optimal dose for beginners.

Side Effects of Femara 5 mg:

The side effects of femara include fracture of bones, edema, dizziness, fatigue, osteoporosis, arthralgia and many more. 

Seeing the action of this powerful drug, there are some important things that should be kept in mind before its usage:

  • A pregnant woman should totally avoid this drug usage.
  • A woman with a breastfeeding child should strictly avoid the intake.
  • People with lactose intolerance, malabsorption of glucose and galactose should avoid intake of this drug.

Where to buy to Femara 5mg Online?

One can buy this product from the finest gear website as it is selling high quality drugs. This website is well known as it produces the product from the best natural ingredients. 


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