Clenbuterol ®


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Tablet Count:  50 tablets
Dose: 40– 80mcg per day
Cycle: 6-8 weeks
Elimination half-life: 36–48 hours
Metabolism: Hepatic (negligible)
Water Retention: RARELY
Hepatoxity: LOW
Aromatization: YES

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Clenbuterol ®
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Product Overview!

Clenbuterol is also commonly used as a weight-loss drug and a performance-enhancing purpose. Athletes use this product to reach their fitness goals. Generally, Clenbuterol is a substance that has a steroid-like effect, but long-term use of it can cause complications. So make sure before you Buy Clenbuterol 40mcg that you consult your doctor. 

How Does it Work?

If you are a bodybuilder and want to Buy Steroid USA then you should know about the mechanism of working clenbuterol. This steroid works by raising the body temperature, without doing any type of exercise. As the body temperature will rise the metabolism will increase and it will burn more calories. After regular intake of Clenbuterol, you can see that you have lost a certain amount of weight. You can Buy Clenbuterol Online or from a Steroid Shop. 

Proper Usage and Dosage

The doctor suggests you take 50 to 120 mcg of Clenbuterol per day to get the desired results. You should take this steroid with or without a meal and make sure you take the medicine at the same time daily. Do not overdose yourself as it can harm your body. 

Potential Benefits of Clenbuterol

The potential benefits of include:

  • Increased body energy
  • Fat burning at a faster rate
  • You will get a greater determination level 
  • It will retain body strength

Few Side Effects

When you do not follow the instructions of the doctor then you can face side effects. Some of the common side effects of Clenbuterol is as follows:

  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Muscle cramps 
  • insomnia

Where to Buy Online?

People or athletes who are looking to maintain their weight and want the fittest body can buy Clenbuterol from Finest Gears. We have many different types of Steroids for Sale, so you buy your desired one at a discounted price. 

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