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CLASSIFICATION: Anabolic Steroid
DOSAGE: Men 30-50 mg/day
ACNE: Rarely
WAREHOUSE: International Warehouse 12
SUBSTANCE: Oxandrolone,

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Anavar 50mg - Nakon Medical - Int
This item: Anavar 50mg - Nakon Medical - Int
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Introduction of Anavar:

It is a drug that is manufactured for medical purposes and it is anabolic steroid in nature. It is basically used to gain weight. Buy steroids online to lose weight of the body.

Steroids for sale  route of administration is by mouth. It can be excreted from the body by two ways either through urine and feces.

How does Anavar works?

It is a steroidal drug that stimulates the activation of receptors of fat cells present in the body.Due to stimulation of receptors more fat cells are being formed in the body. Steroid shops are selling steroids at a discounted rate.

It also stimulated receptors in bone cells and helped to treat many bone related disorders and used to treat bone pain.

Anavar dosage:

The dosage level of this drug depends on age, tolerance rate of body and requirement of an individual body. more than normal can lead to liver toxicity.

Buy anavar online at  initial stages dosage level of about 20-50mg will be enough and can be administered for about 6-8 weeks for complete effect.

Anavar benefits:

The most common effects of this drug is that it is used to shape the muscles of the body.It prevents the water accumulation in the body and prevents its loss from the body.

Buy anavar online which helps to gain weight of the body which is lost after surgery and may also be lost due to many disorders and infections.

It is also used for treating bone disease.It is are useful for building stamina of the body for workout.

Anavar side effects:

Anavar for sale most common adverse effects observed in all steroids are loss of hairs from the body which leads to alopecia and causes many skin infections most commonly rashes and acne on the body.

It changes the cholesterol level of the body and causes HDL concentration to decrease and increase the level of LDL in the body. Steroids warehouses check the drug properly before selling it.

Where to buy Anavar Online?

One can buy it and gear steroids from the website of finest gear  which is a best selling company and sells high quality products.


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