How Arnold Made the Use of Anabolic Steroids Has Become Mainstream

Anabolic Steroids

Just the mere mention of the name “Arnold Schwarzenegger” already makes one think of a muscled guy who, in decades past, was considered the epitome of the ideal man. When the film “Pumping Iron” was shown, Arnold also showed off his physique which led bodybuilding to be thrown into the limelight. Arnold became the poster boy of the sport which also led to his successful and lucrative acting career. Aside from a successful acting career, he was also elected multiple terms as governor of California. Many observers believe that his amazing physique is a product of years of using anabolic steroids.

You can think of Acro Trenbolone, Cypo Testosterone, Deca Durabolin, and many other anabolic steroid products. Putting it simply, he was on steroids. He admitted that he used them when cutting or during tough stretches.

When Arnold was still in his bodybuilding prime, finding and buying anabolic steroids was still very difficult unlike today when you can use the Internet to look for and buy anabolic steroid. Then, he and others would be able to access steroids only through deals at gyms. During those times, things about taking steroids also started to circulate that lead to heart disease and other side effects. However, these effects are yet to be established and proven up until today.

It is worth noting that it was not until the 1990s when the Anabolic Steroid Control Act was enacted and made steroids illegal. Around this time, Arnold’s quick rise to fame, and without the restrictions that came with steroids use, using it became mainstream. Both amateur and professional athletes got drawn to using them to help in strength and appearance boost. With television and media becoming easier to consume, could Schwarzenegger be partially responsible for more people becoming more interested to buy anabolic steroids USA?

It is impossible to point everything to one person. The frequent use of steroids started as early as the 1960s in the NFL. Then, the Austrian Oak was not what it is. When Athletic trainer Alvin Roy joined the San Diego Chargers in 1963, he distributed pills to all of the players as part of their training. He would give the guys little cups with pills in them. None of those players knew what those are but they eventually found out that those were anabolic steroids meant to help them enhance their performance in practices and during games. While in today’s standards it would be considered as “doping” and will be considered a violation, back then, there were no rules that are imposed against athletes using performance enhancing drugs.

It is safe to say that Arnold did not exactly bring steroids to mainstream with him from Austria. However, with his popularity, he will always be heralded as one of the kings of body building. It is still debatable whether he ushered a new era for anabolic steroids USA to achieve a new popularity in the United States market but he sure is a worthy model of steroids with his chiseled physique.

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