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People have various ideas on steroids for sale as an agent for bodybuilding and all other things that involve testosterone. There are numerous recommendations as to what compound will suit best with the goals you have set. You have probably heard of various claims of steroids for sale being an agent for weight loss. There is a long list of what are the most famous steroids for sale you can buy in the market today. In fact, stores release an official list of what are the most marketable compounds they have sold in a year. But now that we talk about these famous compounds. Winstrol would definitely top the list amongst them. Most people get Winstrol because of the word of mouth that is spreading. It says that this compound will help them build muscle, increase strength, and lose fat in just a cycle or two of taking it. 

Most users have guaranteed the effectiveness of this product in their before and after transformation. You can definitely notice the significant changes that happened to them over the course of taking cycles with Winstrol. As well as looking into the results on the internet and see for yourself the positive outcome the compound brought to them. You can try and check out this photo for an example. 2 weeks of muscle hardness. Also see this article for the things you have to expect upon taking cycles with the compound we mention. Winstrol (Stanozolol). Know more about the routines that include the bodybuilding journey which they provided in the article.

However, the results with this drug are not as extreme in comparison to others in its kind. But rest assured, each dosage you take will surely work its way to give you the best of its performance. 


Intensity of Winstrol’s effect 

It is said that the gains you achieve with this drug come more naturally than ever. Especially, with consistent training and diet, the results are more noticeable by each passing day. Winstrol has also milder purporting side effects than many steroids for sale in the market. It is one of the factors that contributes to its popularity among bodybuilders. Users preferably dig on compounds that have lesser side effects since these compounds are known to be damaging in the long run. Meanwhile, a 10-year study has concluded that long-term use of Winstrol is safe with a minimum dose of 1 mg a day. Know more about this study: Winstrol in clinical trials. Hence, the injection and ingestion of this powerful drug is safe. 

But then, just like any other steroids for sale of its kind. Winstrol is also composed of its negative side effects. In some cases, it outweighs the benefits you get from taking it. The underlying adverse effects that come with this drug can be discouraging. 

Why do people take winstrol steroids for sale


Winstrol capability in bodybuilding

Obviously, people use these compounds to facilitate their bodybuilding goals. From muscle building to weight loss, the intentions are practically the same. However, in some instances, steroids are for sale to address health related concerns. The most common medical use of these compounds is to treat breast cancer patients in women. As well as treatment for decreasing testosterone level in men. But in this case, it is for muscle building, fat loss, and to increase strength. But, there are numerous steroids for sale that specialize in these benefits. What makes Winstrol special among others? 

Bodybuilders and athletes preferably love this compound, and even gave it a name “Winny”. It’s because most of them think that the benefits they get from it outweighs the side effects it entails. 

The drug has the ability of increasing muscle growth on a gram for gram basis that testosterone. It also produces lesser androgenic side effects. However, truth be told, there is no direct equality in all these effects. A cycle with Winstrol does not guarantee an effective outcome in terms of bodybuilding than one with pure testosterone. 

Respectively, its anabolic to androgenic ratio is 320:30.

On the other hand, Trenbolone has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 500 to 500. Meanwhile, milder steroids such as boldenone undecylenate have a ratio of 100:50. 

However, this does not mean Winstrol has an exact three times more muscle building ability than testosterone. It is because of the arcane laws of steroid science. With that being said, Winstrol is more effective in terms of building muscle than testosterone. Milligram per milligram. It will also produce fewer adverse side effects. 

This is specifically important among women who do not generally take highly androgenic drugs because of the masculinizing side effects. Highly androgenic compounds include Trenbolone and Anavar.


Winstrol side effects that comes with this steroid for sale

Just like any other steroids for sale you can get today, Winstrol is no exception to these bunch. It has its own fair share of side effects and just like others, these outcomes vary from minimal to severe. It is important to be well aware of the side effects that you will face as the consequences of these compounds. If you look into the web, the common things people want you about are:

  • Liver damage
  • Decrease of the production of natural occurring hormone: testosterone and testicle size
  • Feeling pain or ache in the joints
  • Minimal to severe breakout of acne
  • Getting toxin exposure from the tainted steroids


Other side effects includes:

  • Blood pressure increase
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hair loss
  • Higher risk of heart disease, permanent testicular atrophy, insulin resistance, nosebleeds, and other medical issues
  • Higher risk of prostate, brain, and breast cancer
  • Increase of aggression
  • Infertility 
  • Insomnia 
  • Night sweats. 


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