Testabol Propionate 100


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ProducteName: Testabol Depot
Other common names and terms: Cypiobolic, Cyte X, Cypionat, Cyp, Cypio-Test, Cyponit, Virilon, Cypionax, Testex, Testodex, Testocyp, Tcypion, Test Cyp, Testaplex, Cypoject, Testosterona, Testabol,Testoxyl, Pharma Test C, Depo-Testosterone
Active Life: 15-16 Days
Drug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid; Androgen Ester
Active Ingredient : Testosterone propionate
Common Doses: 50-200 mg/week
Blood pressure: Perhaps
Acne: Yes
Water retention: Yes
Aromatisation: Yes
Liver toxicity: No
Decrease HPTA function: Severe

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Testabol Propionate 100
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Product Overview

Testabol Propionate 100 – its active substance being Testosterone Propionate – is a testosterone ester steroid which has a two-to three-day half life. To sustain testosterone levels, it requires more frequent injections than other types. It’s one of the faster-acting testosterone esters because it’s released over a few days.

How it works

Testosterone Propionate contains propionic acid. The testosterone becomes active when the ester progressively detaches after injection.

People buy Testosterone Propionate as it can treat low testosterone in males when given moderately. Like other testosterones, it can be stacked with almost any other steroids for sale, making it a very compatible and adaptable steroid for numerous uses.

Proper Use and Dosage

The standard dose for Testosterone Propionate 100 mg 10 ml is 50-100 mg daily or every two days

Intermediate and advanced users may use testosterone propionate for more than 8 weeks and up to 12 weeks, with daily injections of 50mg to 100mg while stacking with additional anabolic steroids or 100-200mg on a testosterone alone cycle.


Testosterone Propionate has the same benefits and effects as other forms of testosterone. Testosterone Propionate’s anabolic action boosts performance and results. It boosts protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, red blood cells, insulin growth, and stress hormones.

Side Effects

Higher doses may cause estrogenic-related adverse effects. Aromatization caused by high estrogen levels can lead to water retention and gynecomastia.

Due to testosterone’s natural function as an androgenic hormone, acne and hair loss may occur; however, only people predisposed to these conditions are at risk, especially for hair loss.

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