Testabol 400


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For Intramuscular Injection
Composition: Testosterone Enanthate 150mg
Testosterone Cypionate 150mg
Testosterone Propionate 100mg
Dosage: 400 mg/1 mL
Unit: 10 mL Multidose Vial
Manufactured by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals

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Testabol 400
This item: Testabol 400

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1 × Etho®- Trenbolone 200mg/ml

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Product Overview

When you Buy test E, this is a relatively new drug to the online market compared to other steroids for sale. It is well acclaim by its customers and will offer you a huge testosterone increase in a modest dose. Traditionally utilized as a part of an existing stack/cycle whenever a significant amount of Testabol 400 is desired.

How Does It Work?

The drug class known as androgens includes testosterone cypionate. It treats hypogonadism in men by supplementing the testosterone that your body is not able to produce.

Proper Usage and Dosage 

Test 400 carries considerable risks if not taken as directed. Dosage depends on:

  • Age 
  • Illness being treated
  • How you respond to the first dose

On average, 50-400 mg is inject into your muscle between 2-4 weeks.

  • Increased dosage: Your prescription may be change based on your testosterone levels and response.
  • Maximum dose: 400 milligrammes every two weeks.

Testabol Benefits

Due to its high dosage of Testosterone, Test E is considered a more advanced substance, and some users find it uncomfortable to inject into their system. Direct injection into the bloodstream will promote muscular growth. Used to bulk up, gain strength, and enhance overall size.

  • Improved strengthening 
  • Higher Testosterone Production

Side Effects

Although testosterone cypionate 200mg injectable solution does not cause sleepiness, it can lead to the following side effects:

  • Pain and edema at the injection site 
  • Gynecomastia
  • Increased frequency of erections
  • Typical mood fluctuations
  • Headache

If the side effects are minor, they may subside within a few days or weeks. Consult your doctor if they become more severe or do not go away.

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