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ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Testosterone Decanoate 90 mg, Testosterone Cyplonate 150 mg, Testosterone Isocaproate 75 mg, Testosterone Phenylproprionate 75 mg, Testosterone Proprionate 60 mg, and Testosterone Acetate 50 mg

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This item: Megatest 500 - Odin Pharma

11 reviews for Megatest 500 – Odin Pharma

  1. Patrick (verified owner)

    awesome stuff totally legit tested with roid test. I saved pictures of the tests to compare to color chart. Totally awesome!

  2. mindseparated (verified owner)

    Stuff is the truth and is my go to every bulk

  3. Alexander Crow (verified owner)

    This stuff is by far the best test blend ever!!!!

  4. Ketil Enger

    Havent bought from u yet, but ur a bit expencive compear to other sites. Lets see what I will do?

  5. J

    Top notch stuff. I would recommend it to anyone! It is expensive but you want regret it.

  6. Todd Pearson

    I’m very impressed

  7. Mike G

    It all sounds good but I’ll have to be the 1 to test the stuff ? Then I’ll let you know

  8. mikesprague71 (verified owner)

    I’ve been doing this a long time… this site is BY FAR the best I’ve ever worked with… communication, the process of ordering is so simple….. I’ll let you know what I think of the quality of the gear in a few weeks… I’ll definitely order from here again

  9. Bobby (verified owner)

    Loving this stuff only my 3rd week in and i doubt i buy anything else except the mega test 500

  10. mikesprague71 (verified owner)

    I’m still amazed by this site…. I’ve never had a single issue ordering from here…. But besides the exceptional service provided the gear is spot on …. I’m making exceptional gains… my advice is don’t look beyond this site…. You’ll get exactly what you pay for… the quality and service still blows my mind….

  11. roccolangellasp

    Someone a few comments back That he had a purchase from you guys yet but that this company was a little more expensive than other sites I’m just curious what are the names of the other sites because every place I found this is the cheapest one out of all of them by far?

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