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Testosterone enanthate is an active anabolic steroid for medicating low testosterone levels in men. It is used in men and boys to treat conditions caused by lack of testosterone hormones such as delayed puberty, impotence and other hormonal imbalance. Women buy steroids in this class to treat breast cancer that cannot be treated with surgery. Transgender men also use this class for hormone therapy. Solution is clear, colorless to pale yellow

Dosage and duration of administering this medication will depend on diagnosis, age, sex, respond to treatment and the adverse effects of the patient. This steroid is injected under the skin or into a muscle, administer every 2 to 4 weeks. Testosterone Enanthates should be given only by a healthcare professional. The medication of this steroid will depend on the condition being treated. Always consult your physician before you buy steroids.

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9 reviews for Etho®-Testosterone

  1. gtommerdahl (verified owner)

    Top quality. Great results for TRT, etc. Beligas Etho Testosterone enanthate anti-fake code passes. Tested positive for the presence of testosterone. Based on comparative fluorescence, the 300 mg/ml Beligas appeared comprable or stronger than a 250 mg/ml known sample

  2. Indiana (verified owner)

    Definitely legit.. made my second order already.. horny as fuck starting second week.. no pip whatsoever!

  3. Michael Boehs (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service and speed of delivery is second to none. I will definitely be ordering from finestgears.to again in the future and have told several friends about it as well

  4. Justin from NJ.

    For the money you absolutely cannot beat Beligas. Not only does it work as good as the other brands you get an extra 50mg/1ml, it’s like a bonus. Only thing is once in awhile, like 1 out 4 shots seems to disperse slowly through my muscle tissue causing lump for few days, nothing I can’t live with.

  5. garrett.j.wilburn (verified owner)

    I’m one shot in and I’ll tell you what, feels like I got hit with a sledge hammer fucking hard. I’ll try continuing and updating but if you have an extremely active job just prepare for the pain

  6. dewayneharris3115

    5 stars

  7. anthony-pace

    If you get pain while you injection you inject, you need to study how to inject better. Use a 25g needed. Let the solution reach room temp. Aspirate after penetrating the muscle and before you inject. Inject in the upper part of you outer glute. I alternate glute injections. You should have zero pain. Don’t inject in your shoulder or delts if you don’t want to be stupid.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m 56 years old and have done 30 years ago……this is the real deal great pump

  9. sa9934740 (verified owner)

    This stuff is AWESOME! Delivery lightning fast. If you read reviews online that this product from this vendor is fake, it’s bullshit. Probably From other vendors. Believe me, I know good Test when I get it.

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